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Web Design and Development

Project Description

Will+Way is an independent agency focused on providing content marketing, marketing automation, and digital advertising services to B2B companies.

Project Skill Set

Webflow Development


Animations & Motion Graphics

CRM Integration

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Project Challenge

Will+Way efficiently controls costs by centralizing strategy, content, and the marketing data needed to serve and retain customers throughout the buying journey. WILL+WAY needed a compelling and highly converting website to show how they can create and automate content marketing funnels, getting you more results with less.

The site content needed to convey their expertise and thorough strategic process, featured case studies, and service offerings. They had value propositions in the form of free eBooks and relevant blog articles tied to highlighted Calls to Action.

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Project Solution

I built a multi-page marketing funnel website for Will+Way on the Webflow platform. I created a custom menu experience for a high-level navigation system.

The Webflow CMS was used to create dynamic pages for service landing pages, available jobs, blog posts, and segmented categories.

Since marketing sites are form driven; all Discovery Call buttons, contact forms, newsletter sign up forms, and eBook downloads are connected to the ActiveCampaign CRM.

I added custom code and Webflow interactions, along with numerous Lottie animations and video content to provide a high concept aesthetic that engages users and draws their attention to the content that will entice and convert them.

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Project Summary

Will+Way was very happy with their new website. They immediately saw additional clients purchasing their service offerings. The higher conversion rate resulted in a revenue increase and they doubled the size of the team to meet demand and continue to provide the quality service they are known for.

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