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Just so you know...

I'm Adrien - a Creative Director and multi-disciplinary designer with an architectural background. I have always appreciated the modern, minimal design aesthetic from Bauhaus and De Stijl, to Swiss/International and Material Design. Less is more, and form follows function.

I use a hybrid Design Thinking/Human Centric process to challenge assumptions and solve problems in a creative and innovative way. Most importantly, I know how to help clients redefine their business problems, identify alternative strategies, and achieve their goals.

I started out designing band posters and album covers, then websites and Flash animations. In addition to design, I have experience coding in HTML, CSS, JavaScript (React, Node, and Vue), Java, PHP, and Python.

When I am not doing any of that, I enjoy mountain treks, snowboarding, wild places and playing guitar. I also curate a creative experiment known as Slow Shutter Speed for architecture, art, and music.

adrien lexington

What I am doing right now


  • Currently living in Seattle with a husky named Lacey.
  • Working hard to establish my design studio Audivelo
  • Running a clothing shop called Jagged Little Pixel


  • Sharing more work and case studies on Behance
  • Working to expand my client roster in 2020.
  • Improving my Lottie animation skills.


  • Pushing out more websites using the Webflow platform.
  • Extending Webflow projects with JavaScript.
  • Learning Flutter for Mobile Applications.
patagonia ice cave
torres del paine


  • A camping and hiking trip through Idaho and Utah with Lacey.
  • Saving for a return trek to Patagonia.
  • A visit to relatives in Switzerland or a trip to Iceland.


  • Finally pushing some content to SoundCloud.
  • Recording more Generative music experiments.
  • Writing and recording material for on+on+on.
onstage with jaguar
telecaster and 59 chevy


  • Regular contributions here and elsewhere.
  • Trilogy of children's educational books.
  • Character development and synopsis for a cyber-fiction book that's been knocking around in my head for a decade.

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