Resource Library

A repository of design and development tools that I use and recommend.

I decided to build a resource library that I can easily reference and share. I use and recommend many of these, the rest are for comparative reference or future use.

Webflow Resources and Integrations



  • PixelGeek is Nelson Abalos Jr.'s channel featuring long form Webflow explorations.
  • Flux is Ran Segall's video channel featuring Webflow insights and tutorials.
  • Joseph Berry is a UK based designer/dev with a series of Webflow videos.


  • Overflow
    has tutorials for advanced Webflow interactions
  • Flowbase is a community driven guide to Webflow assets and cloneables.
  • Finsweet Hacks has Lottie and other advanced Webflow integration tutorials.
  • Webflow WP Coverter adapts Webflow templates into WordPress themes and connects them for easy updates.
  • Hotjar visual analytics and insight tool.
  • Netlify export Webflow built sites and deploy from Git.


  • Udesly takes Webflow designs and adapts them into Ghost, WordPress and Shopify themes.
  • Typeform allows you to build conversational forms, surveys, quizzes, and more – no coding required.
  • Zapier is a connection tool that integrates many 3rd party apps into the Webflow platform.
  • Osano has a cookie consent form that is GDPR compliant and integrates with Webflow.
  • Cookie-Script is a GDPR compliant cookie consent modal that integrates with Webflow.

Other No/Low Code Tools

  • build web applications with a drag and drop interface.
  • Airtable allows you to build connected database, spreadsheet and form based applications with Zapier.
  • Firebase is a Google sponsored hosting platform for mobile and web apps.
  • Glide build beautiful mobile apps from Google Sheets.
  • MakerPad low/no-code automation and app building platform with lots of 3rd party integrations.

Wordpress Resources


  • Pinegrow visual HTML and CSS framework with Bootstrap and Foundation modules with WP theme builder. Can convert Webflow sites to WordPress.
  • Oxygen Builder WP theme builder with Woo-Commerce integration.
  • Astra Theme is a highly customizable theme for WordPress.


  • Laravel with Symphony and Composer is an adaptable enterprise level WordPress/PHP development environment.
  • ACF Pro Advanced Custom Field builder with repeater form integration. Build custom CMS collections, galleries, and forms.
  • WP Smush bulk process images for WP, even those already uploaded to database.
  • All In One WP Migration migrate a WP website to another host without breaking short-codes and 301 redirects.


  • Cookie Pro CCPA, GDPR and LGPD compliance management tool.
  • MemberPress adds membership and subscription integration to WP websites.
  • Yoast SEO versatile SEO imbed and measurement tool.
  • JetPack Premium analyzes WP site traffic, and secures and backups up database.
  • Wordfence is a deep WP website security and firewall tool.
  • Events Manager Pro for creating events lists, calendar date selection, and accepting payments.
  • WP Fluent Forms form builder with integrations for Zapier, MailChimp, ConvertKit, Trello and Hubspot.
  • Ninja Forms versatile forms with MailChimp and survey integrations.
  • WP Rocket is a cache tool for accelerating WP hosted websites.
  • Subversion database version control tool.
  • WP Sweep deletes old posts and revisions.
  • Dashboard Switcher build custom WP dashboard and admin control panels.


  • Jilt is an abandoned cart recovery and email marketing campaign tool.
  • One Page Checkout streamlines Woo-Commerce payment process and reduces cart abandonment.
  • Imagify a Woo-Commerce optimized image editor and compressor.
  • Stripe is a payment gateway and processor.
  • PayPal is a payment gateway and processor.


  • Digital Ocean.
  • WP Engine
  • Flywheel.
  • Cloudways.
  • Kinsta.

Design and Development Resources


  • Adobe CC subscription based creative software platform. PhotoShop, Illustrator, XD, Premier, After Effects and Animator.
  • Affinity Studio desktop creative software platform Publisher, Photo, and Designer.
  • Unity video game and virtual reality engine.
  • WhatFont font picker measures font-family, size, line-height, and color.
  • Full Page Screen Capture generates a pdf or png file of entire website page.
  • Color Eye Dropper color picker tool measures hex and rgb pixel values.
  • Coolors color scheme generator.
  • Material Design guidelines for ui/ux design and development.
  • uiGradients an online gradient generator tool.


  • Visual Studio Code is a code editor optimized for building and debugging web and cloud applications.
  • ESlint a linter tool for VS Code.
  • Sublime Text a versatile Python based cross platform source code editor that supports many languages and can be extended with plugins.
  • GitHub and GitLab are version control platform for Git.
  • Lighthouse website and PWA auditing and metrics tool.
  • TinyPNG optimize and compress images.
  • Cookie Script GDPR cookie compliance modal.

Testing Tools

  • Optimizely A/B testing and SEO validation for landing pages.
  • Unbounce A/B testing and SEO validation.
  • Google AMP serves a smaller and faster version of website for mobile breakpoints.
  • Selenium automates UI/UX tests.
  • Mocha automates UI/UX tests.
  • Percy tests visual layout revisions across multiple screen sizes.
  • BrowserStack tests across multiple browsers and devices.
  • Mantiss open source bug tracker.
  • Screaming Frog is an SEO spider and speed testing tool.
  • CSSLINT is a CSS valdator and testing tool.
  • Jigsaw is the 3WS CSS validation system.

Content Management Systems

  • Webflow CMS offers business and eCommerce solutions.
  • WordPress CMS powers 35% of business and blog websites and has eCommerce integrations.
  • Craft CMS headless, light, custom CMS framework that is quick to build and easy to deploy.
  • Jekyll Git based CMS.
  • Ghost headless Node.js based blog platform.
  • Drupal is an enterprise and eCommerce CMS based on PHP.
  • Prismic is a headless CMS based on RESTful API.

Font, Icon, and Image Collections

  • Google Web Fonts offers a huge collection of free fonts for website design.
  • True Type Fonts available for use through Adobe CC.
  • Font Squirrel.
  • UnSplash a large collection of free images.
  • FreePik a collection of free vector and photo images.
  • an SVG blob shape maker.
  • an SVG waves shape maker.
  • Pexels an aggregate collection of free images.
  • Pexels Video a collection of free video snippets.
  • Coverr offers free stock video footage.
  • UnDraw free vector illustrations.
  • InkSpace 2D vector graphics.
  • Blender 3D animations.
  • HandBrake is a video converter and optimizer app.

Business and Productivity

Project Management

  • G-Suite cloud based suite of Docs, Sheets, Calendar and Drive.
  • Clickup versatile and customizable PM platform with tasks, calendar, Kanban views, time tracker, mobile app, and client portal.
  • Trello PM platform with tasks, calendar, and Kanban views, reports and guest access.
  • Asana PM platform with tasks, calendar, and Kanban views, reports and guest access.
  • Wrike versatile and customizable PM platform with tasks, calendar, and Kanban views, mobile app and client portal.
  • Thrive PM tool with task based dashboard.
  • Toggl a time tracker tool that integrates with most PM systems.

Proposals, Contracts, Invoices, Payments, and Accounting

  • Hello Bonsai creates, sends and tracks proposals, contracts and invoices, and accepts payments.
  • Dubsado creates, sends and tracks proposals, contracts and invoices, and accepts payments.
  • Harvest is a time management and invoice tracking tool.
  • Wave free accounting and invoicing tools for freelancers.
  • Wise an international payment and money transfer service with simple dashboard and exchange rates.
  • FreshBooks accounting, invoicing and billing for small to medium sized businesses. Paypal integration reduces fees.
  • QuickBooks double entry accounting and payroll for freelancers and small businesses.

Client Acquisition and Retention

  • Elfsight builds embedded widgets for forms, chats, surveys and social media connections for Webflow, WordPress, and Shopify.
  • Mailchimp an all in one marketing platform for email and CRM and connects to Webflow and WP forms.
  • MailerLite an email marketing platform.
  • a GDPR compliant form building tool that replaces Webflow forms and integrates a number of email hosts.
  • ConvertKit is a CRM tool with WP and Webflow integration.
  • Mocha automates UI/UX tests.
  • Gmelius is a multi-channel inbox and workflow tool for G-Mail and integrates with CRM and PM tools.
  • Buffer is a social media content scheduling and publishing tool.
  • Hubspot is a CRM and email marketing platform with chatbot and Facebook Messenger integrations.
  • Airtable is a database that can be connected to forms, apps, and spreadsheets to build CRM and PM systems.

Music Production and Recording

Recording and Production

  • Logic Pro a suite of composing, recording, and mixing tools with virtual instruments and effects available.
  • Ableton Live a music production and looping tool with a suite of virtual instruments and effects.
  • Universal Audio Apollo a hardware recording interface.
  • Universal Audio LUNA a recording and mixing console with a suite of software compressors, equalizers and preamps.
  • Softube integrated mixing and mastering software and hardware system.
  • Max/MSP visual programming language for music and multimedia.


  • Fender Jazzmaster a versatile guitar with twin single coil pickups.
  • Fender Telecaster a classic guitar with a classic sound.
  • Gibson Explorer a radically shaped guitar equipped with twin humbucker pickups.
  • Gretsch Silver Falcon an arch top, hollow body guitar equipped with twin humbucker pickups.
  • Rickenbacker 360v64 a thin-line hollow body guitar known for its bright tone.
  • Fender Jaguar Bass a versatile bass guitar.
  • Rickenbacker 4001 Bass a classic bass guitar known for its growling tone.
  • AKAI MPK49 a Midi keyboard and drum controller.
  • Roland D-50 a classic Linear Amplitude synthesizer.


  • Shure SM7b is a versatile dynamic microphone for spoken word and vocals.
  • Shure SM-57 is a versatile cardioid dynamic instrument microphone.
  • AKG C414 is a multi-pattern condenser microphone for vocal and instrument recording.
  • Blue Bluebird is a versatile large condenser microphone for capturing vocals and stringed instruments.


  • Fender '59 Bassman classic American Tweed guitar and bass amplifier with a 4 speaker cabinet.
  • Vox AC-30 vintage British twin speaker guitar amplifier.
  • Vox AC-4 a low power British amplifier with a single speaker.

Effect Processors

  • Roland CE-301 vintage tape delay and spring reverb.
  • Roland DEP-5 vintage digital delay and reverb.
  • Universal Audio LA-610 tube Preamp and Compressor.
  • Yamaha E-1010 vintage analog modulation and delay.
  • Yamaha SPX-900 classic studio multi-effects unit.
  • Lovetone Ringstinger LFO ring modulation.
  • Electrix Filter Factory LFO filter and EQ modulation.
  • Eventide Space stereo multi-effect reverb unit.
  • Eventide Time Factor stereo multi-effect delay unit.

What's up with the Ravens?

My father's ancestors originated on the Island of Corvo in the Azores. "o Corvo" means Crow or Raven in Portuguese. My father always considered Crows and Ravens good luck, and would call out "Hello brother!" whenever he would see one.


I find the large, black birds fascinating. Crows and Ravens are highly intelligent, and have the ability to recognize faces and use tools. They are also able to teach those skills to their offspring.