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Trend Atelier
Web Design and Development

Project Description

Trend Atelier is a hybrid online community and school founded by Fashion Futurist Geraldine Wharry, a world renowned Trend Forecaster and Public speaker.

Project Skill Set

Web Design

Webflow Development

Interactions and Animations


CRM Integration

SEO Strategy

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Project Challenge

Geraldine Wharry is a world renowned Fashion Futurist expert, public speaker, and Trend Forecaster. She offers expert level Trend Forecasting training and has built a Futurist community around her courses and participating students known as The Trend Atelier.

She wanted to consolidate a marketing system for The Trend Atelier that was spread across her personal business website, the Teachable platform, and several social media platforms, into a single website for her courses and community. This would enable her to more efficiently control and scale her outreach and leverage awareness of her offerings to potential Trend Forecasting students.

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Project Solution

Before I began building I met with Geraldine and conducted a thorough discovery session to better understand The Trend Atelier mission and offerings. I completed an SEO audit across her current assets and compared it to several prominent competitors to create a 12 month holistic SEO content publishing schedule. This enabled us to clearly focus the content required to meet her objectives for The Trend Atelier and design around the content.

After the design was finalized I built a marketing website for the Trend Atelier that consists of an informative primary landing page, several secondary landing pages, a dedicated course curriculum page, a resource page with events and downloadable lead generation items, an enrollment funnel page with countdown meter, and an Insights page for blog articles and holistic SEO.

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Project Summary

The primary landing page explains the mission, values and brand story for The Trend Atelier and how the courses and community are combined to elevate student participation and understanding of the course curriculum in a collaborative environment. There are numerous testimonials to verify her expertise and the value her program generates, and clear and transparent pricing and payment plans.

Geraldine has been pleased with the increased website traffic and higher conversion rates for her course and community platform since the website launched. Using ConvertKit has improved her ability to segment and automate communication with her audience gained from the lead generation offerings on the Trend Atelier website.

What's up with the Ravens?

My father's ancestors originated on the Island of Corvo in the Azores. "o Corvo" means Crow or Raven in Portuguese. My father always considered Crows and Ravens good luck, and would call out "Hello brother!" whenever he would see one.


I find the large, black birds fascinating. Crows and Ravens are highly intelligent, and have the ability to recognize faces and use tools. They are also able to teach those skills to their offspring.