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Outlaws and Renegades
Brand Identity and eCommerce

Project Description

Outlaws and Renegades is a Corrales New Mexico based collective of artisans and writers that wanted an eCommerce website to market their collection of Southwest themed experiences.

Project Skill Set

Brand Strategy
Web Design
eCommerce Development

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Project Challenge

Outlaws and Renegades is a Corrales New Mexico based collective of artists, writers, and craftspeople.

They wanted a website to market their Southwestern themed adventure tours, arts and crafts, jewelry, and books. They needed help with Brand Strategy and the architecture of a website that needed to host different Southwestern themed sections, without confusing visitors.

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Project Solution

Web Design and Development.

Outlaws and Renegades offers Southwest themed experiences through books, art, crafts and jewelry. They also host historic trail horseback tours and overnight adventures. I examined their current marketing materials, font choices, and imagery to create a Style Guide for focusing the site UI and keeping a consistent brand message. The UX descended from the desired content and had to simply and logically lead potential customers through the journey they desired; whether it was an historic trail ride, purchasing a book from a Southwestern themed author, or purchasing Southwestern themed art, crafts or jewelry from the marketplace.

eCommerce Integration.

A calendar and booking portal was needed for the trail rides, and the books required a digital download or print on demand function. A marketplace portal was needed for the arts, crafts, and jewelry, so it could be purchased and shipped per individual item from the artist.

I added a booking calendar plugin, an SEO plugin, and a Woo-Commerce shop account to track and sell the various items Outlaws and Renegades offers.

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Project Summary

Outlaws and Renegades now has an online presence and a Southwestern themed eCommerce shop to market and sell their Southwestern themed adventure tours, books, jewelry, and arts and crafts.

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