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Cyber Liberty Marketing
Web Design and Development

Project Description

Cyber Liberty Marketing is a boutique agency that focuses on inbound marketing. They help clients grow their business by providing them with the tools, planning, and expertise needed to keep up with the quickly changing world of online advertising.

Project Skill Set

Web Design

Webflow Development



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Project Challenge

Cyber Liberty Marketing needed a website that showcased how they deliver the resources brands need to reach their customers through powerful marketing experiences.

They make it easy for businesses to get seen online and grow their business by offering eCommerce, Paid Advertising, Social Media, and Email Marketing solutions, along with content and keyword research, and Photography, Video and Licensed Drone Videography.

The website needed to be compelling and engaging to attract customers and entice them to schedule a discovery call with the Cyber Liberty team.

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Project Solution

I began the project by creating several CMS collections for their case studies and blog articles as well as topic categories so that they could segment them. Highly visible Calls to Action were placed, services were highlighted, and case studies were prominently featured along with client testimonials.

I factored in technical SEO from the start, along with accessibility, to ensure the site was fast, responsive, and accessible to everyone.

Finally, I added custom code and Webflow interaction based page and scroll animations to delight and engage users by making the site more interactive.

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Project Summary

The new Cyber Liberty Marketing site brought in more targeted users thanks to our technical SEO approach, and kept them engaged so that they would sign up for a discovery call.

Due to the social proof from testimonials, detailed service offerings and case studies in their portfolio, the conversion rate from perspective clients increased by 235% in the first 6 months since launch.

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