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Web Design and Development

Project Description

Audivelo is a creative studio in Seattle that needed a modern, dynamic CMS driven website with engaging interactions and custom animations.

Project Skill Set

Brand Identity
Interaction Design
Web Design
Web Development

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Project Challenge

Audivelo is an agile creative studio in Seattle, Washington. They needed a brand refresh and a modern, responsive website. Starting out as a Flash animation and Motion Graphics studio in 2009, Audivelo has grown and transitioned into a Web Design and Development studio that also offers Brand Strategy, Mobile Application, and Experience Design solutions. They needed a fresh, new look and a website that promoted their portfolio while enhancing lead generation and conversion rates.

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Project Solution

Brand Strategy

A discovery session revealed that Audivelo wanted to give their brand a bolder feel, that was crisp, modern, and minimal. I worked with a logo designer to reimagine the Audivelo logo. I then created a brand style guide to focus and maintain a consistent brand voice across all of Audivelo's marketing and social channels. Fonts were chosen to reflect the modern, minimal aesthetic that Audivelo wanted.

Web Design and Development

I built a modern, responsive website for Audivelo that would engage potential clients and showcase their portfolio. I designed a clean, modern, and easy to navigate UX design in Adobe XD and built it on the Webflow CMS platform. The site structure has a clear and consistent hierarchy to meet SEO and accessibility standards. I added engaging micro-interactions and custom JavaScript animations to lead users through the desired customer journey.

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Project Summary

Audivelo now has a bold brand identity with a style guide to reference and keep their brand voice consistent across all their marketing and social media channels. Their new website is modern and responsive and showcases their portfolio of work and service packages. The Webflow CMS platform is fast, secure, and easy to update. Landing pages generate leads and a multi-step form directs potential clients to the proper channels for higher conversion rates.

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