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UI Design

User Interface design for web and mobile applications

Audivelo wireframe

Audivelo style guide

Wireframe for the Audivelo website. Site layout structure, spacing, font size and weight hierarchy, and brand colors are all depicted as referenced in the Audivelo brand style guide.

Jagged Little Pixel UI

 Bubble style guide

UI design for the Jagged Little Pixel website, with responsive layout breakpoints represented.

Golden Wolf app sign-in

Fahrenheit guide

UI design for the Golden Wolfpack canine community mobile and desktop application.

More Examples

jagged little pixel UX
Goldenwolf PWA
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What's up with the Ravens?

My father's ancestors originated on the Island of Corvo in the Azores. "o Corvo" means Crow or Raven in Portuguese. My father always considered Crows and Ravens good luck, and would call out "Hello brother!" whenever he would see one.


I find the large, black birds fascinating. Crows and Ravens are highly intelligent, and have the ability to recognize faces and use tools. They are also able to teach those skills to their offspring.