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Various illustrations and concept art for mobile game development.

Hypatia Lake candy factory

Audivelo style guide

Hypatia Lake is a Legend of Zelda style mobile game based on a trilogy of recordings by the band, Hypatia Lake.

The events in the trilogy tell the story of Hypatia Lake, a small town where work and life are dominated by a candy factory. Subjected to oppressive working conditions the workers form a labor union in protest. When the factory Baron and police crack down on the worker's union, a riot ensues and members of the Hypatia Lake community are tragically killed. The survivors continue to strive forward and discover the many mysteries hidden within the town, candy factory, and the Baron's mansion.

As the game unfolds the player learns about the dark history of Hypatia Lake, the candy factory, the origin of the factory Baron, and the various members of the community. Players discover secret books, talisman, and other hidden treasures. Many secrets are revealed during their explorations in the town and candy factory.

Don't Feed the Bears intro

 Bubble style guide

Don't Feed the Bears is a mobile game wherein the player attempts to guide a school of Salmon ready to spawn past a sloth of hungry bears.

The bears are positioned at strategic points and at varying densities across a river in the Alaskan wilderness. The player can position the school of salmon in safe pools and eddies before trying to shoot the salmon through the rapids, up waterfalls, and past the bears. Happy Spawning!

Mecha-Cow ufo abduction

Fahrenheit guide

Mecha-Cow is an Alien vs Cows mobile game.

The local cows are getting abducted by aliens, but rather than surrender to their fate, they decide to fight back!

Led by one genius cow, they build weapons and form strategies to defend themselves from their alien foes. Their most successful weapon is a giant mechanical cow, that earns the name, Mecha-Cow.

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candy mixer
mansion hallway
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fishing bears
hypatia lake scene
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What's up with the Ravens?

My father's ancestors originated on the Island of Corvo in the Azores. "o Corvo" means Crow or Raven in Portuguese. My father always considered Crows and Ravens good luck, and would call out "Hello brother!" whenever he would see one.


I find the large, black birds fascinating. Crows and Ravens are highly intelligent, and have the ability to recognize faces and use tools. They are also able to teach those skills to their offspring.