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April 6, 2019
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Edge Tech
Artificial Intelligence and music composition

Generative Music Composition

Artificial Intelligence is becoming a music composition tool

Musicians and songwriters have begun experimenting with Artificial Intelligence as a unique tool for composing music. At the moment use of AI in music composition and songwriting is still a cutting edge technology. However, a growing number of programmers working in collaboration with songwriters, and musicians that can code themselves, have made the process more accessible. I hope to join the ranks of musicians experimenting with this new technology before the summer is over.

I haven't begun using Artificial Intelligence just yet, but I have explored several options that have become available rather than write my own. I may do that eventually, but at the moment I have other projects that are more pressing. I have been using MAX and Ableton to select tracks and tempo from external input and will eventually trigger those inputs with brainwave information from a Muse 2 headset.

Exploring the fusion of human and machine

Two recent artists to have success with this method are Taryn Southern and Dan Tepfer. Taryn used an open source platform and Dan created his own. Each had their own methodologies, but they are in line with my intentions.

Musician Taryn Southern on composing her new album entirely with AI

"Southern used an open source AI platform called Amper Music to create the stems of “Break Free.” For each track, she plugs in genre, the instruments she wants to use, and beats per minute. In return, Amper churns out disjointed verses that can be rearranged into a song, and layered beneath Southern’s vocals. Southern told The Verge she’s toying with four other AI music platforms, but she’s not sure which of those will make the final album cut."

Pianist And Coder Dan Tepfer Composes Music With The Help Of Artificial Intelligence

"Tepfer's new album, called Natural Machines, is an exploration of this musical fusion of human and machine — a dynamic that he says has been at the heart of music for centuries."

I will certainly use their work and that of other similarly inspired artists, as inspiration for my project!