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December 10, 2018
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Adding to my Biometric Toolkit

Ableton and Muse

Ableton Live 10 and Muse 2

After researching hardware and software methods for building a Biometric Sound System, I think rather than going the DIY route and trying to build my own sensors on the Arduino/Adafruit platform, and trying to write my own loop playback engine in Java, that I should purchase the Muse 2 EEG headset and upgrade my Ableton software to Suite 10 in order to use the built in MAX/MSP programmer.

This will let me focus on building audio and midi loops the EEG data can trigger for an immersive, improvisational, generative music experience. I will need to hack or build an app that can stream the data from the Muse 2 and convert it to midi, but MAX supports JavaScript and Node.js now, so I should be able to do DIY that much.

A progressive web app and cloud based database to trigger and stream loops from will have to wait!