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December 10, 2018
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Adding to my Biometric Toolkit

Ableton and Muse

Ableton Live 10 and Muse 2

After researching hardware and software methods for building a Biometric Sound System, I think rather than going the DIY route and trying to build my own sensors on the Arduino/Adafruit platform, and trying to write my own loop playback engine in Java, that I should purchase the Muse 2 EEG headset and upgrade my Ableton software to Suite 10 in order to use the built in MAX/MSP programmer.

This will let me focus on building audio and midi loops the EEG data can trigger for an immersive, improvisational, generative music experience. I will need to hack or build an app that can stream the data from the Muse 2 and convert it to midi, but MAX supports JavaScript and Node.js now, so I should be able to do DIY that much.

A progressive web app and cloud based database to trigger and stream loops from will have to wait!

What's up with the Ravens?

My father's ancestors originated on the Island of Corvo in the Azores. "o Corvo" means Crow or Raven in Portuguese. My father always considered Crows and Ravens good luck, and would call out "Hello brother!" whenever he would see one.


I find the large, black birds fascinating. Crows and Ravens are highly intelligent, and have the ability to recognize faces and use tools. They are also able to teach those skills to their offspring.